Palm Oil In Soap

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palm fruitWe occasionally get asked about palm oil in our soaps and yes we do use palm oil. It’s an amazing ingredient that makes an amazing bar of soap. This is why we like to use palm oil but more about that later.  In recent times palm oil has been associated with the deforestation of rainforests and the destruction of critical orangutan habitat. There has been a lot of calls to boycott palm oil but doing so would only create a shift to a different oil.  The thing with palm oil is, it’s a highly productive crop and a shift to a different oil would only increase the deforestation process. Requiring more land to produce the same amount of oil form a less productive crop. Like canola or coconuts oils.

There seems to be a misunderstanding about the use of palm oil and the effects that current farming practices have on the world’s rainforests. By using sustainably sourced palm oil we are encouraging more sustainable farming practices. Which will result in a more positive outcome. Rather than forcing the palm oil companies to change the crop they grow, we would rather put pressure on them to change their farming practices. To create a more sustainable outcome that will ensure the future of the worlds remaining rainforests under threat from palm oil production.

We only use sustainably sourced  palm oil!!


Palm oil is an amazing ingredient in soap, it helps in making a soap with a creamy smooth, stable lather with lots of bubble. We use palm oil instead of using other chemical  based alternatives. 

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