Lemon Myrtle

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Lemon MyrtleLemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is a small shrubby tree native to the Australian coastal regions of Queensland and New South Wales. The tree can reach heights of 6 metres, though its average height is usually half of that. It has a beautiful crisp aroma, a mixture of lemon with a hint of lime. Its refreshing citrus aroma can sometimes be more lemony than lemon itself. This is because lemon has only 3-10% citral content. While Lemon Myrtle contains about 90-98%, contributing to its unique, uplifting lemony fragrance.

A calming Oil

Lemon myrtle essential oil is also known for its calming effects that uplift and suppress depressive thoughts and feelings of fear. Helping to alleviate stress, suppress negative feelings, induce better sleep and augment your self-confidence.

This wonderful essential oil is also regarded as a remarkable antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial agent. The decongestant and expectorant properties of Lemon myrtle oil acts effectively in treating chest congestion, flu, cold, bronchitis, asthma and sinus infections. Using our Lemon myrtle oil scented soaps in a warm bath or shower can assist in alleviating headache, loosening mucus and phlegm deposits in the lungs and respiratory passages.

Lemmon myrtle goatsTherapeutic Properties

The therapeutic properties of Lemon Myrtle aids in controlling the increase of infectious particles that worsen cold and cough. Lemon myrtle essential oil has shown antioxidant properties that help in fighting against free radicals. Lemon Myrtle essential oil is an excellent oil for treating acne and oily skin, acne, cold sores, warts, wounds and insect bites.

The studies Show

The anti-viral properties of lemon myrtle have been confirmed in a 2004 experiment involving children with molluscum collusion, a viral skin disease that typically appears during childhood. It manifests in the form of lesions on the skin. In the study, children with the disease were treated daily with a 10 percent lemon myrtle essential oil solution. After three weeks, 9 out of 16 children showed over a 90 percent decrease in the number of skin lesions.

A beautiful fragrance that we just love at Ocean blue and regard it as an essential addition to several of our soaps. It doesn’t just smell amazing it has so many therapeutic properties.



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