Making soap all started as a curiosity.

After realising how many harmful additives were used in commercial soaps and seeing how they effected friends and family with sensitive skin. That curiosity soon grew to be about a passion to make the finest hand crafted natural soaps that felt beautiful and lush, and didn’t effect people with sensitive skin. So I started making soaps with natural ingredients. Using different vegetable oils to give the soap different qualities and scenting them using only natural essential oils.


There’s no perfect soap recipe!


Kaolin ClayOne thing we discovered on our soaping journey is that everybody likes different things from their soap. Some people like a hard bar of soap that lasts a long time and some like a soft bar with a soft lush lather. There’s no perfect soap recipe! That’s why our soaps are all different, we use different ingredients in each bar of soap to give each one a different feel. In some of our soaps we add extra ingredients like goats milk for it’s nourishing effects on your skin.

Rough nutsWe use natural ingredients in our soaps not just because we believe they’re better for you but also because they are a better choice for the environment. The palm oil we use in some of our soaps is sustainably sourced so we are not contributing to the destruction of the worlds rain forests. We are working towards not using palm oil at all but it just adds some beautiful characteristics to soap which makes it difficult to replace. Protecting the environment has always been important to us, having a long history volunteering with Badgar Wildlife as a wildlife carer and rescuer.